About Us

If it wasn’t "good", we wouldn’t be doing it!

  • All our products are made from 100% organic cotton and are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.
  • Our factory is recognized for sustainable production by GOTS, Fairtrade International, and SA8000 standards. This ensures our workers are paid higher wages and have a better working condition with respectful relationships, community development, environmental sustainability and respect for local culture.
  • We use only GOTS approved, low impact dyes and chemicals, which means our products are free of heavy metals such as lead and formaldehyde and harmful pesticides and insecticides. 
  • Our organic cotton is grown by family farmers who are located in rain-fed areas. Fair Trade certification ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their produce, that there is no gender discrimination and also that there is no child labour used in the fields. 
  • Our parent company, Gallant International Inc., is a Certified B Corp., which means we take responsibility to balance profits with the purpose of leaving a positive compact of "good" in the world.  


  • Social Accountability System-SA 8000: 2008
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Fairtrade International-FLO certified


We care for the environment… and you.

  • The organic cotton used on our products is produced in rain-fed farms which uses less water and energy. Organic production further reduces carbon emissions and improves soil fertility.
  • We use FSC certified paper and eco-friendly packaging for all our products. Our products are packed in fashionably styled, organic cotton canvas tote bags which can be reused for years.
  • The highest social and environmental standards are followed in all the production facilities. 


Our vision is to offer the world’s most sustainable, ethical, and affordable bed and bath products.

Our mission is to create organic & Fair Trade cotton bed and bath products for individuals, businesses, and non-profits that make the world a better place by always being sustainable, ethical, traceable, and transparent.

At Terra Thread Home, we believe in balance. A balance between trade and sustainability. A balance between employing our people and caring for them. A balance between creating a brand and creating a place for ourselves in your home and your heart. It is this balance that we stand on.


We are committed to quality, purity & goodness. Starting from an organic farm in India, every product we make is a messenger of goodness-good for the planet, good for the farmers & factory workers & good for you.

When you choose our products for adding a little goodness to your homes, you are helping to put a little good back into the world. 



The journey of a Terra Thread Home product is transparent.

We encourage you to track the trail of goodness–from the cotton to the product in your home. Cotton for our products is sourced directly from family farmers in India.


Buying a Terra Thread Home product is bound to fill your heart with warmth because:

    1. You know where it came from and how it helped enrich somebody’s life.
    2. There are nights of sound & peaceful slumber in store for you because you have peace of mind.
    3. You are supporting something creating goodness that returns goodness. When you put something good out into the world, something good comes back to you. For every product sold we contribute free meals in the U.S. to the ones in need through the Feeding America program. This contribution is matched by the Tony Robbins One Billion Meals Challenge, doubling the impact.