Organic Cotton Is No Longer Peripheral-Will It Ever Be the Norm?

The interest in organic is no longer limited to food and has grown exponentially into numerous consumer categories such as apparel and home products.  

As people become more conscious about how what they buy has come to be and the realization that there are consequences to how things are produced, there is a shift in buying choices.  Studies indicate consumers are willing to adjust their buying habits to better the planet. 

Source:  Photo Courtesy of Terra Thread Home

Cotton is the most dominant fiber in textiles;  conventional cotton growing methods consume massive amounts of resources and is not sustainable.  People are becoming aware of the damage conventional cotton racks on the ecosystem and are choosing organic over conventional  cotton products.  But, when will organic cotton be seen as the standard?

Nicole Rasul writes a great piece on Civil Eats where she speculates on where the tipping point will be to get the scales permanently on the side of organic cotton production, link below. 

At Terra Thread Home we're proud to offer you the very best thoughtfully and exquisitely made GOTS certified organic cotton products.  Explore our range of deliciously soft premium quality bed sheets, bathrobes, bath towels, muslin swaddle wraps, and blankets. Every item at Terra Thread Home is made ethically and sustainably.


Source:  Photo Courtesy of Gallant International

We take our responsibilities very seriously and adhere to the strictest standards environmentally and socially.  We are proud to provide our workers a safe and clean environment that supports gender equality as well as good living wages. 

 Our products are Fairtrade which means we are committed to the social and economic development of the communities producing our goods.  We also  give back to those in need by being a part of the Feed America program. For every product sold, we donate free meals to those in need in the US.  This donation is doubled through the Tony Robbins Foundation.

We are proud to create good that returns goodness!



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