Five Reasons to Buy Organic Cotton Bed Sheets



There is a  plethora of bedding choices available, both conventional cotton and organic cotton jockeying for consumer dollars.

When you think about it, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping-it's important to consider the bed sheets sleeping on!

And, on top of that, with many in a work from home situation, a lot of us are guilty of using our bed as a work area more than a few times over the last 12 months. 

We are spending more time in general in bed besides sleeping.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the plethora of bedding choices available right now.  There are so many options.  One space where I as a consumer noticed there are notably more options is in organic cotton bedsheets.  Why is that? 

Well, none reason surely is the awaking of our collective “Eco-conscious” both as consumers and as businesses.  It’s to the point one has to have their head in the ground not to be aware of the dangers we place people and the planet in by doing business in non-ethical, sustainable ways. 


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We can’t keep taking resources and not replacing them in some way, it literally is an unsustainable equation.  Business are making conscious choices of how to manage their supply chains and produce products.  In textiles, this equates to a move towards more organic cotton production. As a result, we have more organic cotton options.

That doesn’t mean that conventional cotton products are going away, (not yet at least) but now there are more organic cotton products available and marketed in such a way that it is easy for consumers to grasp, thus more choices.

Let’s hold that thought for a moment and consider sleep.

Sleep is so vital for our well-being, on several levels.  Our bodies and minds literally repair themselves as we pass through the stages of a nights’ sleep, each stage native to specific functions of cell repair, protein synthesis and hormone release.



Sleep Healthier


According to the CDC adults need about seven hours or more of sleep for optimum health and well-being.   They found out anything less than 7 hours you are more likely to be physically in-active, sluggish and obese.  If you aren’t getting enough sleep you are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions compared to those who got seven or more hours of sleep per night.  Lack of or poor sleep can harm your immune system and has been linked to depression. It can make it hard to maintain emotional control  and contribute to high blood pressure.

If you choose organic bedding you're making the choice to improve your sleep health.   In the area of home textiles, long staple organic cotton fiber is normally used in textile home products.   Having longer staple fibers means that the cotton fibers themselves are stronger, more durable and hold together better.    This results in fabrics that don't pill as quickly/easily as short staple fibers, resulting in a continuously smoother finish.  

Having little fiber pills can cause irritation to your skin and cause tossing and turning;  the friction of tossing and turning potentially can cause more pilling.   By choosing organic cotton sheets you're choosing sheets whose  fibers are naturally constructed in such a manner to not pill as easily as conventional cotton or as quickly.  

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As a result of having longer fibers, organic cotton is softer to the touch as well, especially if you choose a sateen weave.   If you choose a sateen weave you'll find it soft, smooth and silky and cool.  

All of this can add up to having a very pleasant night's sleep. Organic cotton sheets seem to breathe better, which also helps in a good night's sleep.




Organic cotton uses  71-91% less irrigation and about 62% less energy.  By 2025 about two-thirds of the world's population will potentially face significant water scarcity.  Organic cotton is about 80% rain-fed,  this creates less pressure on local water sources.  Average irrigation of conventional cotton takes about 713.26 gallons of water to make a cotton t-shirt.

Since organic cotton doesn't use chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can run off into the water that means the existing water in the area where it's grown, the water available is safer and cleaner. 

Conventional farming uses a lot of pesticides and chemicals.   The pesticides  and chemicals used are toxic and they can harm more than just the pest that they're targeted for.   These chemicals have a lot of ill effects on the health of the environment and on  people.  

Specific links have been identified between the pesticides and chemicals used in farming to serious diseases ranging from cancer to respiratory issues.   Conventional cotton is exposed to pesticides in many ways;  one way is in the actual planting and growing where the soil is contaminated so the pesticides and toxins can get into the soil and wreak havoc on the ecosystem of the soil.  It also can get into the water supply by running off into the water. The pesticides and toxins can also be taken up into the plant itself and be present in the final product-the fiber and also any byproducts of the cotton plant.

Source:  Video Courtesy of Gallant International, Inc.

As an example,  cottonseed oil is a byproduct of cotton; a lot of food items use cottonseed oil.  So, not only can pesticide get into the plant itself and be present in the fiber but it could also be present in the seeds which are then converted into food items. This all potentially exposes us internally and externally to these pesticides and poisons. 

So knowing that,  think about  your bed sheets, the fibers that your bed sheets made of that you're sleeping on spending (hopefully) 7 hours at least a night against your skin, and the microscopic fiber particles you're breathing in because of close contact. 

In a nutshell,  sustainably produced organic cotton sheets contribute to sustaining and improving social and economic growth a farmers in areas. It contributes to improving environmental things like biodiversity and soil health and reducing chemical fertilizer and pesticides use and water use.  And as offshoots of those points, they are more beneficial for you.



Organic Cotton Sheets are More Comfortable

Organic cotton is more  comfortable against the skin than conventional cotton. It is made with soft natural fibers-remember that these fibers are a longer in length fibers that haven't been treated with harsh chemicals.  That all equates into being more comfortable for you.

Consider the type of weave also for your sheets.  The two most popular sheet weaves are percale and sateen. Because of the way the sateen weave is constructed, sateen weave results in one side of the sheet looking shinier and smoother than the other.  Because of this, by nature of construction, the sateen weave is beautiful and soft it tends to snag less than percale.  

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Quality and Durability

Organic cotton ends up being stronger and more resilient than conventional cotton.  One of the main reasons is there's no strong chemicals used to process it that could cause the fibers to weaken and break. 

Since the fiber is not stripped of its natural wax from chemical processing, most fabrics have a smoothness and a flattering way the surface reflects light.  Organic cotton tends to drape nicely also because of this.  

GOTS certified organic cotton is produced by workers who are fairly treated not overworked.  The value placed on them as individuals inspire workers to have pride in their work and thus this is reflected in the quality of their final products.  GOTS certified organic cotton systems require maintenance and upgrading to continue fair and quality production.

Systems have been put in place to regularly monitor and audit  the growing, processing, manufacturing and trading points along the way, which keeps the quality standard at the highest level.



Organic Cotton Sheets are Hypoallergenic 


Organic cotton is a great choice for people with allergies and skin sensitivities.   These people may have a hard time  conventional cotton because they have  reactions to the chemicals and dyes that the cotton is treated with.  Recent studies in link agricultural pesticide usages potential triggers for things besides allergies such obesity and even Alzheimer's 


Source: Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

 Since organic cotton doesn't use any harsh chemicals and dyes this issue is completely avoided.  Organic cotton definitely is the best choice for people with asthma, sensitive skin or similar issues.  It’s a great choice for small children and babies since they have more sensitive skin in general. 

So as you can see, choosing to buy organic cotton bedding not only benefits you but the farmers, producers and our planet as well. 

At Terra Thread Home we are proud to offer you our luxurious, GOTS certified organic cotton bed sheets.

Our bedding is  made with care of superior quality long cotton staple fibers. We use the best 2-ply rainfed GOTS certified organic cotton grown on Fair Trade farms in India. Our sheets are 2-ply long staple (33 mm), they are mercerized and combed, 100% certified GOTS organic cotton. They feel cool and luxuriant to the touch and are sleek and smooth.  Our long staple, organic cotton sateen bed sheets are 300 thread count, and pill resistant to up 15 washes.

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 We at Terra Thread Home are acutely aware of the environmental and social issues that the world is facing.  We take our ethical responsibility very seriously.  We ensure the highest social and environmental compliance and quality standards in our entire production process from the cotton farms to your home. 

We actively participate in giving back.  For every product sold, we contribute free meals in the U.S. to those that are suffering from food insecurity through the Feeding America program. This contribution is matched by the Tony Robbins One Billion Meals Challenge, doubling the impact.

We are proud to create good that returns goodness. Supporting Terra Thread Home is supporting the transformation of an  industry to which the well-being of people and the planet are just as important as business. 

So if you are looking to purchase quality GOTS certified luxurious 100% cotton sheets AND avoid pilling, look no further-we would be honored to add you as a customer. Welcome home to Terra Thread Home!










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